Monday, March 07, 2005

Interesting webpage about coalition governments

If you are interested in multiparty cabinets and you want to learn the Spanish case, you ought to visit the Website of Political Coalitions in Spain. You will find some papers and databases. However, I have my own data about Spanish governments. If you need it, write an email and I will send you as soon as possible.

Paper abour coalition governments and accountability

In my firts post I would like to show you part of my work. In the last Annual Meeting of the Spanish Political Science Association, I presented a paper about coalition governments and accountability. The empirical analysis is not so good, although I think that you can find some positive intuitions about that topic -I am sorry, I wrote it in Spanish-. It was the starting point of my dissertation.
Now, I am trying to develop a general model for 18 OECD democracies. Today, I have presented the theoretical puzzle of my thesis in the Workshop in Political Economy at Harvard University. They gave me very good comments that I will try to incorporate in my research. However, if you read my paper and you have some comments, I will be so glad to receive them.

The birth of this Blog

My name is Ignacio Urquizu and I am PhD candidate at Autonoma University of Madrid. In this moment I am developing my dissertation about multiparty cabinets. I expect that this Blog will be an academic area for discussing about coalition governments. I will post bibliography, data and some ideas that I will consider important in that topic. I hope that scholars will visit this blog and will enrich it.